Floral Styled Shoot | By Lourika


Flowers can brighten and add life to any photo.
We just love the whimsical, playful look of our hand made background and those beautiful, dramatic paper flowers.

And with some fun, relaxed and striking poses, the models really brought this vision to life!! The makeup and earrings where the main focus of the shoot.


Marna Noelle, from Bokkie Daisy Professional Make-up Artistry decided to get a team together to do a floral inspired styled shoot. Lourika Breed from Meraki Photography was the main photographer. Lindsay Saunders, owner of Vagary, sponsored the most amazing hand crafted earrings. Marna then used the earrings as inspiration to create the different makeup looks.  Nature Bloom made some lovely flower crowns for the models and Jeaneane Jochimsen from Jeaneane’s Eventure made those beautiful hand folded paper flowers!



Marna ~ “Playing around with make-up has always been one of my favourite hobbies as a young girl. I qualified to be a teacher, but I still had the urge to do something creative and so Bokkie Daisy Professional Make-up Artistry came to life in 2014 in Cape Town, South Africa. With hard work and determination the business did well and I was nominated for the Top Vendor Wedding Awards in the Up and Coming Make-up Artist category in 2016.”



Lourika ~ “I got into this work because I love doing it and clients don’t always want what I want to create. Styled shoots can serve as a very productive creative outlet for me to create to my heart’s desire. I can get as elaborate or as minimalistic as I want because I don’t have to focus on catering to the needs of a client. Styled shoots can be a great way to challenge myself & try something new before I actually do it at a wedding or photo session.  Getting to know my fellow wedding professionals is both enjoyable and beneficial for my business. It’s a win-win!  With this particular styled shoot, I was so relax; the atmosphere and the girls were all great, so we had a lot of fun, helping each other with the outfits, hair and poses :) I really had a fantastic time!!!  And I enjoyed photographing Conny-lee, Ashley and Kyla, they were great models!!! Thanks again to Marna and Lindsay for your support and ideas!!!!”

“Of all the shoots I have done with passionate and famous photographers and set teams , this was a one of my favourites. 🌿 Pure, vibrant vibes with caring love and good shots” ~ Conny-lee
“Dit was vet pret & net ‘n plesier om saam die wonderlike girls te werk !
Alles was so mooi, so georganiseerd en daar was die lekkerste snacks op set . 😍😍
My mede modelle was ook net pret & dit was ook net ‘n plesier om saam hulle te werk!
Dit was regtig ‘n droomspan gewees! ” ~ Kyla
“The team worked well together. The make-up was just as I’ve hoped, not too much, yet not too little. The photographer had such a good eye. As for the earrings, I was rather amazed that they were handmade. They are beautiful. They gave me some sense of confidence. The shoot was truly an amazing experience.” ~ Ashley
Lindsay ~ This styled shoot was a wonderful experience for me. It was such a privilege to work with a team of fun creatives, each with their own inputs and ideas, who pushes you to think outside the box. It also created a great opportunity for me to showcase my product, and launch a few new designs. Day well spent!”


Vagary  ~ a wild, whimsical or unusual idea. The newest addition to the vagary brand are the; one of a kind, statement handcrafted earrings designed and made by me. Designs are inspired by everyday textures, colours and patterns….



Marna ~ “After moving to Namibia two years ago and taking a break from the beauty industry to concentrate on my teaching career, I felt it was the right time to get back into in the make-up scene in my new home town of Windhoek. 
I wanted to come back with a bang…with a styled shoot! Who better to ask for help than Lourika Breed from Meraki Photography. She is an artist that I greatly admire and I knew she would be the best person to bring my styled shoot vision to life. 
We put our minds together and got Lindsay Saunders on board. She makes stunning hand crafted earrings that are to new trend in Windhoek. Between the three of us, our “floral, winter, botanical, hipster shoot” was born. Together with our hand chosen models, we made a fantastic team! 
The shoot was a great experience. The models were professional, relaxed and so much fun to work with. It was a long day for us, starting at 8 am and finishing at 5 pm, but the time flew by as we chatted and laughed. To be in a room with so many creatives with wonderful ideas was very inspiring! I used Lindsay’s one of a kind earrings as the inspiration for each of the make-up looks done on the models. From colour popping blues and pinks on Ashley, to sultry purples and browns on Conny-Lee and smokey gold on Kyla. 
A big thank you to Danielle, who was Lourika’s very capable assistant for the building of the stunning floral backdrop. Thank you to Jeaneane for the gorgeous paper flowers and to Nature Bloom florists for sponsoring the pretty flower crowns.    
I look forward to taking the Windhoek make-up scene by storm and to share new, fresh ideas and make-up techniques with Namibian women. And I definitely look forward to working with Meraki Photography again soon!”

Big THANK YOU to all the service providers:

Coordination: Marna Noelle and Lourika Breed
Makeup: Bokkie Daisy Professional Make-up Artistry
Photography:  Meraki Photography Namibia
Model: Conny-Lee BarnardAshely Witbooi, and Kyla Van Zyl
Hand Crafted Earrings: Vagary
Nature Bloom
Danielle Kellerman


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